How to Start Your Article Writing Career: A Quick Guide

Are you interested in a career in article writing but do not know where or how to start? Here is a guide on how to start a successful career as an article writer.

Acquire the Necessities

Like any other profession, content creation has its tools of the trade. The most important ones are a computer and access to the internet. Large-screen phones can do, but typing on them is arduous. However, if that is all you have, you can start with it and upgrade when you start making money.


Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies today. Besides, the attention span of humans has fallen to lower than that of a goldfish, eight seconds. Creating content that will attract and hold the attention of such an audience without losing the marketing objective takes skill. Find a reliable training program online. It will prove worth every penny.

Choose a Workstation

The next part is to find a workstation. Most content writers work from home. If you cannot work at home, then you should choose a place where you can work with minimal distractions. Depending on your option, a co-working space, a café, public library, or a friend’s home may be ideal.

Start Small Improve Gradually

Article writing is not a get-rich-quickly scheme. It is a real profession that requires earnest effort to bear long-term fruits. Most successful article writers begun with small gigs and improved over time. Starting small allows you to learn ropes without jeopardising your career even before it begins. Once you can handle the strict schedules of content mills, then you can go after businesses.

Focus on Quality

Another aspect of starting small is focusing on quality. Do not insist on writing ten articles per day if you cannot give each of them your best. Doing this will land you several revisions and rejections. However, remember that since you are starting, your best effort might not be close to the expectation of the client, which leads to the sixth step.

Work for the Best

A good employer is one that pays, but most importantly, never compromises on quality. They are the best to work for, as you will never get away with a shoddy job. You may be on the receiving end for a while, but you will come out better than others who took the easy road.

Support Technology

Every content writer understands that no article is perfect the first time. There are always hidden typos and grammatical errors. Invest in support writing tools such as Grammarly and the Hemingway app to help you clean up your articles.

Typing Speed

The faster you can write, the more you can earn. A typing software or game will help you develop this invaluable article writing skill quickly.

Join a Team of Writers

Professionals never work in a vacuum. Join a social media community of article writers. You will find writing gigs, share concerns, and tips on these groups. It is best if the members are from your locality or state.


Do not wait until the time is perfect; it never will. Acknowledge the butterflies but do not let them stop you.

All the best!

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