How to Avoid Revisions in Article Writing

Nothing is more discouraging to an article writer than a revision request. It disorients your financial plans, and to a certain extent, may even affect your self-esteem. Fortunately, you can avoid having revisions your article-writing career.

Below are seven sure tips.

Stick to a Niche You Understand

Article writing is an all-inclusive profession, cutting across all subjects. Certain subjects, however, require specialised knowledge and are best left to those who have a background in the field. It is therefore essential that you stick to jobs within a niche you understand. A simple misuse of an industry-specific term will earn you a revision. Stay clear of unfamiliar waters.

Follow Instructions

The second most common cause of revisions is not following the client’s instruction. For example, some clients require specific keywords placed in certain parts of the article, simply do that. The instructions do not have to be rational for you to follow them. If you need to inquire about the guidelines, ask before taking the job. Expert content writers know better than to take a job then start haggling with the client over the writing guidelines.

Grammar and Language

Some clients might overlook when you do not follow instructions. However, none will withstand a content written in Ebonics, unless the instructions stated so. Many articles target audience in specific regions. Consequently, clients will require articles in a particular language, say, US-ENG, UK-ENG, CAN-ENG, AU-ENG, among others. Not following this requirement will earn you a revision.


Length of the article is often part of the instructions. Unfortunately, most new content writers forget to reach the target length or surpass it by several many words. The best practice is to limit your content to the specified number of words but never less. If you have to exceed, add a maximum of 10% of the total words. Remember that the title is not part of the word count.

First Impression

The first impression plays a vital role in the number and even the frequency of revisions an article writer receives. If a client thinks you did an excellent job on the first article, they are more likely to be lenient with mistakes in the next ones. However, if they find your first job unacceptable, they will treat all your subsequent submissions with similar suspicion. Therefore, ensure your first jobs are at the top of the game.

Right Client

Not all revisions are because of your mistakes. Just as there are lazy article writers, article writing also has a fair share of unreasonable clients and employers. They are never satisfied, and will always find a reason to return articles for revision. Let go of such clients as soon as possible. Fire them if you have to.

Seek Training

If you have done all you can and is still receiving several revisions, especially on quality, then you need more than these tips. Sign up for any of the online article writing training programs and sharpen your skills. Sometimes, only an experienced eye can pick out the rot at the core of your writing.

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