Eight Article Writing Trends to Watch out in 2019

2019 has so far been an eventful year. From the European Union banning single-use plastics to California’s Crown Act. Not to mention Game of Thrones season eight! Well, article writers too have had their share of trends this year. Here is a glance at some of the trends in article writing this year and those to expect before the year closes.

Long Posts

The first trend that marked the beginning of the year was the introduction of long posts as the “in-thing” in article writing. Initially, the standard length of a blog post was 300 to 600 words. However, posts of at least 1200 words took over as the focus shifted from the length to other issues such as bounce rates and keyword optimisation.

Long posts keep the reader for long, reducing bounce rates. They also allow the incorporation of all target keywords. It means more earning for many content writers, but also a burden for some who have not been able to cope with long jobs.

SEO Writing

Search engine optimisation has been around for years.  However, websites have never given it as much consideration as they are doing in 2019. Sites focus on content that will rank highest on search results. As a result, content writers have had to learn about searching and using relevant keywords.

Jack of all Trades

The increased need for SEO-optimised writing has created a breed of clients who are looking for jack-of-all-trades sort of writers. They need writers who can research keywords, write Meta descriptions, and even determine topics. Social media marketing and online reputation management are some of the roles that clients have added to the job description of article writers.

Quality Content

The phrase “content is king” has been rephrased to “quality content is king.” Only a high-quality article can arrest the attention of the highly distracted public to read a 2000-word article. Employers are willing to pay more on quality than before, and writers who cannot offer this are having a rough year.

Blogs Within Websites

Another trend affecting the article writing industry in 2019 is the increasing number of websites that have blogs. Before 2019, most businesses focused on guest-blogging and affiliate marketing. In 2019, nearly every company that has a website has a blog. The result has been an increasing demand for article writers.

Training Programs

The changes in the industry have made it more difficult for new writers to join than before. The increasing demand for training has led to the development of online jobs training centres that specialise in article writing.

Bargaining Fees

A few years ago, it was a taboo for an article writer to bargain their pay. In 2019, more and more employers are welcome to the idea of bargaining pay rates with content creators. Besides, writers have become more open with each other on what clients pay.

Ditching 9 to 5 Jobs

The final trend on this list is the increasing number of people ditching 9-5 work routines for at-home jobs. The trend is bound to continue as the year draws to the end with most people taking up article writing as a part-time job.

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